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Our translation services are performed by lawyer-linguists and translators with legal training in their native languages.

Legal translation:
Proficiency in a language is not enough to correctly translate a legal text.
Sound knowledge of the following is indispensable:

  • the legal significance and meaning of the source text

  • the jurisdictions, procedures, appeals systems and bodies in which the text is to be used

  • comparative law to achieve the same legal effects in the target language as in the source text, using the correct terminology for the applicable law

Our services are performed exclusively by specially selected members of the LEGAL LECTORS network. We do not pass work on to other agencies.
We cover all languages and all areas of the law.


Legal Lectors’ services are provided by lawyers or legally qualified translators in their native languages.

Documents are proofread for linguistic, grammatical, or legal mistakes and edited. The special value proposition of legal editing is the ability of the legally qualified translator to analyse and evaluate the source and target texts in relation to the different legal, financial or political systems involved and their implications, to identify and correct any stylistic discrepancies, and to take the entire text to a professional level.

Register extracts

We apply for and collect your commercial register extracts and certificates directly from the register office or the competent court/authority, saving you time and efforts.


legal Services



A quotation for fees can be obtained by submitting the total number of characters of the document to be translated and its subject matter and its intended use, as well as the desired deadline, by email or phone, using the contact details below. You can also fax us a sample of the text and specify the total number of pages.

To enter into a service agreement, please confirm the quotation received by handwritten signature and return it via fax, or simply confirm acceptance of the quotation via email, specifying the reference number or document.



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